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LUNCH SPECIAL (noon - 4pm)



   Chicken Karaage Salad      9.99

    served with toasted sesame dressing served with miso soup

   Scallop Udon Soup     17.99

    hokkaido scallop, prawns tempura, wakame, green onion, shoyu broth


    served with rice, miso soup 

Teriyaki Chicken / Salmon    11.99 / 13.99

japanese style sauteed  chicken or salmon with asparagus, mushroom in ginger soy sauce 

Gyu - Don    17.99

grilled beef steak topped with asparagus and mushroom sauce

Hamachi Kama Set    12.99

grilled yellowtail collar with vinegar soy sauce and salad

Kare Rice Vegetarian / Chicken   10.99 / 11.99

Fried chicken karaage or vegetable croquettes, potato, carrot, tokyo style curry sauce, tamanishiki steamed rice

Tori Ginger Chicken     15.99

japanese style sauteed chicken with asparagus, mushroom in ginger soy sauce

Gyu Steak     17.99

grilled rib-eye steak serve on hot stone topped with shitake sauce

Black Cod Saikyo Yaki     19.99

grilled miso marinated cod

Salmon Miso Cream Sauce      17.99
pan seared salmon with seasonal vegetables in miso-cream sauce reduction 

Garlic Butter Scallops     17.99

seared hokkaido scallops and einoki mushroom garlic butter soy sauce

Tofu Steak      10.99

tofu(lightly battered) sauteed with asparagus, shitake mushroom and soy butter sauce


served with miso soup

Spicy Donburi (salmon / tuna)    16.99

spicy salmon or tuna, 3 pcs sashimi, spring mixed, sushi rice 

Roll Lunch Combo    16.99

4pc. california roll, 4pc. spicy tuna roll and choice of dragon roll,     rainbow roll or chef selection roll

Sushi Lunch    16.99

6pc. chef’s choice sushi, 4pc. spicy tuna roll and california roll

Sashimi Lunch    17.99

6pc. chef’s choice sashimi, 4pc. spicy tuna roll and california roll

Sushi Bento Set    24.99

4pc. chef’s choice nigiri, 6pc. sashimi, 4pc. spicy tuna roll and california roll, shrimp and vegetable tempura


Extras: (available to order with lunch special item only)

    Tempura     4.99

    Gyoza     3.00

    California Roll     3.99

    Sushi     5.99

    Sashimi     6.99


***Vegetarian version available upon request*

**Gluten Free Menu available upon request

***Substitute with Soy paper $1.00



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